Bockens Cotton 8/2 1777 yds 250g Tube

Bockens Cotton 8/2 1777 yds 250g Tube

from 18.00

Bockens Bomullsgarn.  Made in Sweden.

Ideal weight for weaving towels, curtains, table linens, light weight blankets.

Washable, Easy Care.

250g tube or cone, approximately 9 oz.
Unbleached 8/2 has 1870 yards.
Bleached and Dyed shades has 1777 yards
Sett 18-24 e.p.i. 30 wpi

If multiple cones of same color ordered, will confirm same dye lot before shipping.  If you are ordering a specific dye lot, include message when ordering to verify.  Dye lot shown on image may no longer be available.

Not enough in stock or wish a different shade available.  You can order from the full line by special order.  Details below.

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