Bockens Cotton Rug Warp 12/6 500g

Bockens Cotton Rug Warp 12/6 500g

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Recommended warp yarn for tapestry weaving and warp for rag rugs.
Much stronger than the 8/4 carpet warp commonly sold. This warp yarn has tighter twist, more plies, making it super strong.

Wound on 500 gram tube = 17.6 ounces approx 1,600 yards. (1500 yard per pound)  Unbleached approx 1700 yards - 1550 YPP

Sett Suggestions: 8-10 epi

If multiple cones of same color ordered, will confirm same dye lot before shipping.  If you are ordering a specific dye lot, include message when ordering to verify.  Dye lot shown on image may no longer be available.

  • 12/6 cotton rug warp; 1,450 yd/lb (2,925 m/kg)

  • Sett: 10, 14, 16 (Wide “Lace”, Medium “Plain”, Close “Twill”) per Handwoven Master Yarn Chart

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