Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport Cone

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport Cone

from 29.99

Great for weaving, knit, crochet or felt projects, beginners or charity projects.  Naturespun is 100% wool 3-ply yarn.

SPORT Weight 1 Pound cone has 1,682 yards

Gauge 6 stitches per inch, U.S. 5 needle.

Yarn is Hand washable. Lay flat to dry. Made in USA.

WEAVE Sett 10 EPI 3 ply 3/9.

First Quality unless #2 Seconds discounted due to imperfections:  Off Shade or Streaked (uneven dye job)

Image not on cone are stock photos.   Monitors and printers may vary from the actual yarn color.

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