Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport LB Cone

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport LB Cone

from 24.99

SPORT Pound cone has 1,682 yards
Gauge 6 stitches per inch, U.S. 5 needle.

Great for weaving, knit, crochet or felt projects, beginners or charity projects.  Naturespun is 100% wool 3-ply yarn.

Yarn is Hand washable. Lay flat to dry. Made in USA.

WEAVE Sett 10 EPI 3 ply 3/9.

First Quality unless #2 Seconds discounted due to imperfections:  Off Shade or Streaked (uneven dye job)

Image not on cone are stock photos.   Monitors and printers may vary from the actual yarn color.

Order from the full line of Brown Sheep Yarns by special order,  details below.

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