Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb - Special Order

Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb - Special Order

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34 years ago, Farmer Brown made his first ball of yarn, held it up and called it Top of the Lamb.  This single ply 100% USA grown wool yarn was expressly designed and dyed in colors that could be woven in rugs by the Navajo Nation.  It is still spun today in both worsted and sport weight in almost the same colors that were selected in the beginning.  If you have ever had the privilege of owning a rug from the Navajo Nation there is a good chance that it was woven from Top of the Lamb.   Put up in 4 oz hanks.

Worsted Weight 190 yards skein. 1 Ply
Size 8 Needle Recommended Average Gauge 5 st 6 rows = 1"

Sport weight 350 yards skein 1 Ply
Size 5 Needle Recommended Average Gauge 6 st 8 rows = one inch.

Natural Undyed Yarns:  If you seek yarn in its natural state without any dye or you wish to hand dye yourself.    If using naturally, recommend hand washing before using to pre shrink and remove any possible spinning oil.  Available on 8 ounce Hank or 1 Pound Cone. 

Brown Sheep Special Order Minimums

We order yarns monthly, more often if we can meet the minimum of $200 to order.   Mix or Match any Brown Sheep Special order to help us meet this minimum.   Orders under $200 subject to cancellation and refund.

In the rare event any shade ordered is back ordered at the mill that shade will be cancelled and refunded.  Balance of your order, if any, will be shipped to you.  If you still want a back ordered shade, you will need to re-order. 

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Order Brown Sheep Special Orders Separately.

Special Order sales are final, no returns.

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