Bockens Linnea Swedish Scarf Kit in 16/2 Linen

Bockens Linnea Swedish Scarf Kit in 16/2 Linen


This unique Swedish 16/2 linen has one ply in black and one in white.  The black and white blend together to make a beautiful lively combination.  

Easy and fast to weave, this plain weave scarf looks a lot more complex than it is.  Linen can be easier to weave than you think, even on a rigid heddle loom.

You will need two or four shafts, 12 dent reed or a rigid heddle loom, size 12 heddle reed. One 4.4 oz tube of this thread is enough for both warp and weft.

Elizabeth Notes:  I made this easy scarf on a 10" Rigid Heddle Loom.  It was different compared to weaving wool yarns, as linen does not stretch, at all!  Keep your tension even.   It is somewhat stiff, it is linen, but really cool to arrange as a scarf.  Lacey Lightweight - Texture is Cool!  The left overs I did another scarf mixing it with Black Cotton Chenille.  I used the Variable dent reed, 12 and 8 dent mix.  It came out quite elegant IMHO.

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