Zitron Yarn Special Order

Zitron Yarn Special Order

from 12.80

SPECIAL ORDER - Order from the full Zitron Yarn line:

Manufacturer Put-up 250g or 500g bag same color.  Additional skeins can be ordered same color or different when ordering a full bag.

Images are just a few of the shades available.  Click here to distributors website for current shades.  If shade desired is absent or shown as back-ordered, subject to cancellation and refund if we can not fill within 30 days.   Special Order Sales Final, no return.

If you have difficulty ordering or want to order a Colorpack as shown on distributors site, contact Elizabeth with your order and be invoiced total due.

SPECIAL ORDER MINIMUM is Full Bag; 250g or 500g same color. OR $200 Mix or Match Zitron Special Order Yarns.

Yarn & Put Up:
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