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Shopping for a new spinning wheel or loom?  If you have questions or need recommendations for your specific needs, I would be happy to help.  Click here to contact   Messages are checked daily so will get back to you as soon as I can.  

Do not have "Store Hours".  Studio open by appointment if you are shopping for a Spinning Wheel, Weaving Loom or spinning and limited fibers.  Not all the fibers are in the studio to touch and feel. Check what fibers are available.   I offer beginning lessons in hand-spinning and weaving if you need a little more help and encouragement. 

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From Elizabeth

My interest in fiber arts goes way back.  I learned to sew in Jr High Home Ec and pretty much have been creating my own clothes and home furnishings since. Since my first child I had a "need" to create with yarn. I taught myself to crochet, as knitting was beyond my comprehension - this was before video instruction.   It wasn't long working with acrylic yarns, the fiber of the day,  I knew I wanted something better to work with, that meant natural fibers, especially Angora, my dream fiber.    Angora was difficult to find and quite expensive.  This lead me down the road to raising Angora Rabbits for their wool which lead to Angora Goats,  they produce much more fiber!   All this luscious fiber has brought me years of encouragement to create something else. Years of Spinning yarn, weaving, hand dye, knit, felt and sometimes still crochet. I have added a new craft, Long-arm Quilting. So many projects, so little Time!