For those that are new to weaving. I get a lot of questions regarding weaving and looms.  I hope my thoughts will help you make a selection.   

There are many types of looms.  You should first consider what type of things you wish to weave.

Beginner Loom  What's most important in a loom for young weavers is that it ensures success.   With the minimum investment be able to weave small projects such as scarves, coasters, belts.  Rigid Heddle Looms are ideal beginner looms.

Inkle Loom, Be Creative. Weave interesting clothing trims, tassels, shoelaces, bag straps, dog leads, jewelry.  Experiment with different, colors, beads and yarns.

Tapestry Weaving has been called painting with yarns.   Weave Pictures and rugs.   

Rigid heddle loom is a simple frame loom which has both warp and cloth beams and a clever shedding device that also functions as a beater. Very easy to use.  Thread it up and be weaving in minutes.   Weave fabrics, towels, shawls, scarves, cushions, table mats, wall hangings.   Weaving width is limited to width of heddle.  Length of weaving ranges from 3 - 10 yards depending on the model.    Requires a table to rest your loom while weaving orthe use of a stand frees up your table and allows you to weave anywhere where you can sit.  This loom is an ideal prerequisite for more advance harness weaving.  

Table Loom.   With this loom you will be able to weave scarves, shawls, table runners, rag rugs, fabric & More.   Harness Looms allow the weaver to expand into many weaving patterns.  The more harness's the more possibilities.  New weavers generally start with 4 harness and either add more harness's later or move up to a larger floor loom.    Easy to transport and store.   Table Looms generally have a stand option.  

The Wolf Looms are Schacht's most popular looms, and for that matter, the most popular in the United States.  It has all the advantages of portability while maintaining the best big loom features.  If compactness and portability are what you are looking for, you'll be interested in this thoughtfully engineered loom.   Available in different sizes:   Wolf pup with a weaving width of 18", Baby with a 26" weaving width to the Mighty Wolf with weaving width of 36".

Schacht Standard Loom  For the Serious Weaver.  May be ordered with Eight or Four Now-Four Later shaft options.   If you have a keen interest in pattern drafting and weave structures, eight shafts will allow you to fully develop this interest.   Weave the lightest in fabric -  heavy floor rugs.    Available in weaving width 36" or 46".

Details on particular models.  Click here to Ashford or Schacht Looms