Arm Knitting - How much Wool Do I need to Knit a Super Chunky Blanket?

Knitting with un-spun combed top (aka Roving).  Arm Knitting or knitting with super size needles (U.S. 85).   Been getting queries how much wool do I need.  Did some research:  Most recommend using Merino wool Combed Top.    Wool is generally sold in small amounts by the ounce or LB.   Undyed wool will be the least expensive.    

Merino combed top is available in bulk by Ashford

Blanket Dimensions Shown in inches. 

Amounts required is approximate.   (1 kg = 1000g or 2.5 lb.)

19.5 x 19.5 - 2.5 lb (1 kg)      40 x 40   -  5 lb (2kg)       40 x 60  -  7.5 lb (3kg)

60 x 55  - 10 lb (4kg)    62 x 62  -  12.5 lb(5kg)        60 x 78   -   15 lb (6kg)     

69 x 78  - 17.5 lb (7kg)

Using wool tops, or sliver (fleece that has been dyed, carded, combed and wound into big bumps) and your hands, you can create beautiful knitted throws, cushions, scarves and more. I recommend you felt slightly after finishing to improve durability if you are using just sliver (roving/tops).