Arm Knitting - How much Wool Do I need to Knit a Super Chunky Blanket?

Knitting with un-spun combed top (aka Roving).  Arm Knitting or knitting with super size needles (U.S. 85).   Most recommend using Merino wool Combed Top. Corriedale Wool also works well, just not as soft compared to Merino, but less expensive and a bit more durable.

I have Wool in small amounts by the ounce or 100g.  If you want to sample the fiber first. Do not select superwash wools. Superwash has been treated to not to shrink or felt creating disaster if used for this type of knitting.

Follow link below to order wools in bulk.

Merino combed Top

Corriedale Wool Roving

Natural Color Wool in Big Mill Bumps

Blanket Dimensions Shown in inches. 

Amounts required is approximate.   (1 kg = 1000g or 2.5 lb.)

19.5” x 19.5” - 2.5 lb (1 kg)    1000g

40” x 40”   -  5 lb (2kg)       2000g

40” x 60”  -  7.5 lb (3kg) 3000g

60” x 55”  - 10 lb (4kg)    4000g

62” x 62”  -  12.5 lb(5kg)      5000g

60” x 78”   -   15 lb (6kg)     6000g

69” x 78”  - 17.5 lb (7kg) 7000g

Before using, you will need to pre felt the roving or top. The fiber is very fragile without this step. Gently pull apart the bump and set in a pile. Then pick up one end and smooth with your hands over the fiber from one end to the other, several times. This light abrasion will lightly felt the wool, so it will not easily break apart while knitting or crocheting.

Another method is to spray mist well your wool that has been unwound from the bump with water then dry in your clothes dryer at the lowest setting for approximately 10 minutes.

First time, suggest you try a small project using only 1000g of wool. Amount to make a scarf, pet or baby blanket.

I have included a few of my favorite videos. For more details and inspiration - Visit YouTube and search “arm knitting”