Addi Crochet Bamboo Hook

Addi Crochet Bamboo Hook

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Quality hooks are crafted using the same high-end bamboo stock as the Addi Natura circular knitting needles.

Lightweight and light in color, making it easy to view your stitches. With a wax coated finish, the hooks are VERY smooth and snag-free.

The hooks are six inches long.  Sizes are listed in approximate US sizes. All Addi crochet hooks are manufactured to exact metric sizes.

Lifetime warranty. Save your packaging and if your hook breaks or becomes unusable with normal use, return to your Addi Skacel in Seattle or a U.S. Skacel dealer for a replacement.   

In Stock or sets by Special Order.

Special Order NOTE: If any sizes are out of stock at Addi Skacel, this can delay shipping by months. Leave a note when ordering OK to delay and ship complete, send sizes that are available/refund for those that are not or to cancel your order if any sizes are back ordered at Skacel.

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Metric Conversion

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