Addi LACE Circular Knitting Needle

Addi LACE Circular Knitting Needle

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Tapered tips pointed enough for a variety of intricate projects, not as slick as the Turbo, allowing for more control of your stitches. Lightweight, hollow brass tips.    

Sharper tip compared to the original Turbo,  less yarn splitting and real nice for sock knitting. 

Turbo Lace U.S. sizes are approximate.  Metric sizes exact.

Lifetime Warranty. Save your Skacel packaging and if your needle breaks or becomes unusable with normal use, return to Addi Skacel in Seattle or your local U.S. Skacel dealer for a replacement. 

Please note:  Photo is stock picture.  As these needles were purchased at different times from the U.S. Addi distributor there can be some variance in the color of the metal and/or the cables.    If differences is a concern, contact Elizabeth before purchasing to confirm current stock.   

U.S. sizes are approximate. Needles are made to exact metric measurements.

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