Ashford Spinning Wheel - Bobbins

Ashford Spinning Wheel - Bobbins

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Replacement bobbins or add additional bobbins to your existing set.

STANDARD BOBBINS: Traditional or Traveller spinning wheel uses single or double drive bobbin depending on wheel model.  Elizabeth spinning wheel uses a double drive bobbin.  Joy 1 or Kiwi 1 uses a single drive bobbin.

High Speed bobbin compatible with Elizabeth, Traditional, Traveller Double Drive wheels using the high speed whorl.

JUMBO BOBBINS  Traditional or Traveller spinning wheel Jumbo Flyers: single or double drive bobbin depending on wheel model.  Jumbo Single drive is compatible with e-spinner.

SLIDING HOOK BOBBINS  Use with Joy 2 or Kiwi 2 Single Drive Spinning Wheels or any Ashford wheel using the NEW Sliding Hook Flyers.

Country Spinner bobbin:  Compatible with both models of Country Spinners 1 or 2.

Kiwi Super Flyer bobbin:  Compatible with the Kiwi Super Flyer

Country Spinner bobbins available to order singly.

All other bobbins - Minimum is 4 bobbins.   If you wish to mix your bobbins,  order the more expensive choice, leave details in order message area.    If you wish 6 bobbins, order 2 sets, leave message.  If you overpaid you will be refunded at shipping.

Bobbins are special ordered.  Allow a week before we ship to you.


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