Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer

Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer

from 260.00

Comes as a kit and is and super easy to install on any Kiwi. The kit includes everything from the maiden bar up, so you only need to undo one bolt when you want to swap.

The Kiwi Super Flyer has a huge 1⅛ inch orifice and has awesome new free-flow yarn guides on a sliding hook flyer. 

The kit includes 3 super-size bobbins which have a 17 ounce capacity.  A lazy kate and a new drive belt.

The new Kiwi Super Flyer will fit all Kiwi 2 and Kiwi spinning wheels.

Option:   Super Reducer Set.  Spin a finer yarn on your Kiwi Super Flyer without the yarn dancing around the orifice.  Add the 2 piece nylon bush set that reduces the orifice to 15mm (5/8in) or 10mm (3/8in).

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